Patient Reviews for Dr. Manso

"It's like walking into the office of relative, beautiful smiles, very pleasant, professional, and caring. My daughter is 6 yrs old, she loves going to this dentist and seeing the doc and the staff, not to mention the little toys the kids can have when they're done. when I was a kid they gave out lollipops...guess my dentist back then wanted to make sure I came back real soon lol. I can't say enough about how happy I am to know that my daughter will grow up with the best of the best."
-Martino S. 6/2020

"I’ve been to another pediatric dentist with my son and this one is way better. A truly great experience. They were fast and efficient. Thank you to Judy who helped us schedule our appointment, gave us great rates for self-pay, and was extremely polite when we came for our appointment. Dr. Manso was great with my son and was so sweet. She made sure I did not leave with any unanswered questions. Our hygienist, I believe her name was Melissa, was wonderful, to say the least!!! She helped my son understand there was nothing to be afraid of. And he was a champ. She gave me tips to work on at home and explained what she was doing and why the whole exam through. Thank you to the entire staff here. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to see you all in 6 months."
-Stephanie B. 1/2020

“3 years later and I still love all the people at this office as much as I did the first time I went! My kids look forward to seeing Dr. Manso and her team. I wish I was younger so Dr. Manso could take care of my teeth.”
- Brittany D. 12/2019

“Dr. Manso and the Montclair Pediatric staff/family are the epitome of professionalism, warmth, inspiration and knowledge! Dr. Manso is a true treasure to the Montclair community as well as the entire county of Essex! Your babies are in the best of hands.”
- Tash H. 09/2019

Every visit is a beautiful experience

"Modern and well maintained office. The entire staff is wonderful and kid friendly, my daughter enjoys going there:) Doctor Manso has been taking care of my daughter’s teeth for 2 years, and is very knowledgeable and kind. Really attentive and smooth process. Our every visit is a beautiful experience. We absolutely Love Montclair Pediatric Dental Care"
- Ajaz K. 1/2019

Definitely a Montclair gem!

"My children have never been so at ease during their dental visits until now! Very comforting environment! Everyone that I interacted with from the front desk to the back was very friendly & professional, and also down to earth. So happy I found Dr. Manso definitely a Montclair gem!"
-Latisha L. 12/2018


"Amazing, professional, loving and knows her stuff! WE LOVE DR.MANSO!"
-Renna E. 11/2018

My daughter always looks forward to her dental visits.

"I love this place!!! From the time we walk in the staff is always amazing and very helpful. The office is always clean and I love the decor. I also love the toys and entertainment that is available for the children. Dr. Manso is great with my daughter and is very thorough during her checkups. My daughter always looks forward to her dental visits."
-Sharon B. 10/2018

It smelled wonderful and the office was extremely clean and pleasing to the eye.

"From the moment we walked through the door, we knew it would be a great experience. It smelled wonderful and the office was extremely clean and pleasing to the eye. My girls enjoyed playing with the toys during their short wait. The office staff were pleasant and accommodating. Dr. Manso connected with both of my girls and made the visit calming, fun and enjoyable. We loved Montclair Pediatric Dental Care."
-Jenna S. 9/2018

Dr. Manso has a great bedside manner and makes the kids feel comfortable

"Dr. Manso is a great dentist and this is a great office!! The staff is incredibly friendly, the office is very nice, and they see you right away (rather than making you wait forever)! Dr. Manso has a great bedside manner and makes the kids feel comfortable. What more could you ask for?"
Aaron S. 6/2018

I've never had better service from a medical office of any type!!

"I'm not sure what to compliment first, the service or the office. I've never had better service from a medical office of any type!! Everyone was friendly, helpful and proactive.(I'm a Guest Services Manager for Marriott, I want to send some of my staff here to learn a few things ) The office itself is beautiful and the nicest office I've ever been in. This was part of the reason I chose to come here. My son recently had bloodwork taken with his doctor and is now terrified of going to the doctor so finding a dentist who was super friendly and had a fun atmosphere was key and I'm so fortunate to have found that with Dr. Manso. Dr. Manso was amazing with my son, I went in there prepared to possibly have to hold him in place. I never had to touch him. I'm still in shock. I'm looking forward to our next visit. If you're looking for a great pediatric dentist look no further."
Monica R. 6/2018

It was the best Dr. experience we’ve EVER had!!!

"My daughter had her first dentist appt. this morning. We were a bit nervous but we were brave and ready. Let me just say... It was the best Dr. experience we’ve EVER had!!! The office is pristine. The staff is amazingly nice. They had an iPad mounted on the wall saying “Hello _____” with my daughter’s name. The design/decor was unbelievable. The equipment is state of the art and Dr. Manso’s bedside manner was 💯! I’m so happy we had a great first visit. And happy to report NO CAVITIES!!!!"
Cory H. 5/2018

special and welcomed!

"My 4 year old little girl felt very special and welcomed. She was very excited about her experience and the gifts she received. I appreciate that both the staff and Dr. Manso want both child and parent to feel at ease, at home, and among friends. My 19 month old girl also was treated with patience and consideration. I also really like the fact that the ceiling in the examination room has a picture of the sky. I thought that was pretty creative. It keeps kids calm as they look at it while being examined. The staff and Dr. Manso don’t only have general people skills, but have the specific qualities needed to interact with children and their parents like: patience, compassion, sense of humor, kindness, creativity, understanding, respect, etc..."
Patty U. 4/2018


"All I can say is AMAZING in every way!!!! I strongly recommend."
-Greta V. 12/21/2017

The space is clean and bright.

"Could not ask for a better experience. The staff is great and so patient, kind and helpful. The space is clean and bright with everything from free wifi and beverages to a iPhone charging dock. Cartoons and games to entertain the kids while they wait. The Dr. is fantastic. Our son is 2 and the Dr. makes dentist visits fun for them and has the best bedside manner."
-Sue B. 11/2017

Child friendly decor.

"Amazing practice with friendly staff, fun light filled and child friendly decor. Highly recommend it and so does my daughter."
-Michael H. 11/11/2017

Dr. Manso and her staff are amazing.

"Dr. Manso and her staff are amazing. They made my daughter’s experience fun and calmed any fears I had as a parent. An amazing practice and I would highly recommend anyone to Montclair Pediatric Dental Care."
-Melanie E. 10/2017

Great staff warm and attentive.

"Great staff warm and attentive. Our little 18 month old wasn't spooked and she enjoyed her first visit to the Dentist. The office was immaculate, always a must have when at the dentist or any medical facility."
-Andre C. 9/2017

I would never think to go anywhere else.

"Dr. Manso is a calming, efficient, pleasant dentist that get straight to the job. Whether she is extracting, taking X-rays, or general exam with my granddaughter, she is very pleasant and is able to manage a high strung patient such as my granddaughter. The office is extremely well kept and clean. I would never think to go anywhere else."
-Robbie S. 9/2017

Finally a dentist office that leaves you happy and wanting to come back.

"One word describes Dr. Manso and her staff...AMAZING! My children don't want to leave this clinic. I was impressed from the moment we walked in. The clinic is beautiful and kid friendly, the staff is courteous and kind, and Dr. Manso is professional and so personable that my children (4 and 6) don't even ask me to go back with them. You and your children will not be disappointed. Finally a dentist office that leaves you happy and wanting to come back."
-Kimberly N. 2/26/17

My daughter is already excited about going back in 6 months.

"The staff was very accommodating when I had to change my appointment several times due to sick kids. This was my daughter's first dentist appointment and Dr. Manso put her very much at ease--she was silly...but also authoritative when my daughter got a little "wiggly." There are so many thoughtful touches in this fun new office space and the doctor and the staff use them well (a flamingo bib matches the beautiful flamingo toothbrush, the green mirror is perfect for kids to hold, the painted ceiling for the kids to look at). My daughter is already excited about going back in 6 months."
-Stefanie T. 2/1/17

I can't say enough about Dr. Manso and everyone in the office.

"I can't say enough about Dr. Manso and everyone in the office. From our very first phone call to the visit itself, everything about our experience here was awesome. My 4 yo son didn't have a great experience with another pediatric dentist and was terrified to go back to the dentist. After his first visit with Dr. Manso, he's been asking me daily to go back to the dentist! Our 2-year old went for his first visit ever and cried the whole time but that didn't phase Dr. Manso! She still got his teeth brushed and polished without a second thought and was cheery and sweet throughout and my little guy also now can't wait to go back. They are so helpful with insurance, the office is beautiful; honestly, everything could not have been better. I so highly recommend Montclair Pediatric Dental."
-Bridget P. 12/29/16

I absolutely love all her staff who are also highly professional and welcoming.

"Without a doubt, my daughter (and myself) have had the best experience with MPDC than any other dentist I have taken her to over the years. I have been to a few that either did not appeal to my daughter or their techniques were outdated along with their equipment. Dr. Manso is both amazing with parents and kids, knows how to talk on both levels, is clear, professional and caring. Her office is modern, open, clean and better designed than most people's homes. Which makes for a more pleasant experiment if you need to wait for a procedure. I absolutely love all her staff who are also highly professional and welcoming. We are so happy we have finally found our dentist and cannot positively recommend her enough!"
-Mika P. 12/26/16

Honestly, I wish I could give this practice more than five stars.

"Honestly, I wish I could give this practice more than five stars. The reception is always the best indication of what your experience will be at any doctor's office and with that said I knew early on that my experience at Montclair pediatric dental care would be phenomenal. From my initial phone call, Judy was friendly, informative, and super courteous. When I arrived at the office I was able to match that sweet personality to a face. Such a sweet soul.

The office has such ...a great ambiance and is super kid friendly! The dentist is typically a place that elicits anxiety in kids but the atmosphere and decor does a great job in setting the mood to facilitate calm and relaxation. There are even complimentary drinks! La Croix, water...I felt right at home!

Now on to the amazing Dr. Manso. She came into the waiting room to greet us. She was personable, friendly, and super funny! Amazing bed side manner. She made my 13 month old son's first experience at the dentist a super pleasant one. She was thorough and detailed. She even got me and my husband involved in today's cleaning to ensure we were able to carryover best practice in the home. Can you tell I loved our experience??

Thank you Dr. Manso! See you in 6 months!

I highly recommend this amazing practice!!!! "

-Kay B. 12/2/2016

Dr. Manso & staff were so warm & friendly.

"Just left after our first visit at Montclair Pediatric Dental Care. Dr. Manso & staff were so warm & friendly! Dr. Manso did a great job putting my (somewhat anxious) child immediately at ease! Her manner with him made a trip to the dentist so much fun! She also explained everything to me and allowed me the opportunity to ask plenty of questions. (Yes, I'm one of those moms!) Dr. Manso was patient with me as well and made me feel as though every question I had was important so each answer was given with thought & concern for my understanding and satisfaction. The office is clean and fun for children as well!"
-Rene C. 10/20/16

Wow! What a beautiful office with a wonderful staff!

"First let me start off by saying Wow! What a beautiful office with a wonderful staff! We were greeted right away and made comfortable as soon as we sat down. The Doctor was so nice and so sweet to us. She really took a lot of time to explain the xray's and treatment. My daughter is so afraid of needles but the doctor made sure she would be comfortable and not afraid. We look forward to continuing our treatment with this dentist. I would highly recommend this practice to any parent looking to give their kids a wonderful dental experience. Thanks again!"
-Christy E. 08/19/16

I am truly grateful to have such quality care so close to home.

"I highly recommend Montclair Pediatric Dental Care. Dr. Manso has provided exceptional dental services to all 3 of my children under the age of 7. She was able to smoothly handle all 3 personalities while providing thorough cleanings, preventative care, and hygiene education. She was caring yet professional while fielding questions from my little ones and myself. I am truly grateful to have such quality care so close to home!"
-Danielle K. 4/2/2016

Dr. Manso was the perfect choice for our daughter's first trip to the dentist.

"Dr. Manso was the perfect choice for our daughter's first trip to the dentist. Not only was she great at putting our little one at ease, her enthusiasm and warmth actually made our visit fun! As a first time parent I had a few questions about our dental routine at home, and Dr. Manso answered them thoughtfully and without making me feel like a novice (pretty important for us dads!). A+."
-Chris M. 3/20/2016

Dr. Manso was a pure delight.

"Dr. Manso was a pure delight. I don't think my son was too nervous about going to the dentist, but I was nervous for him. She put us right at ease. One of his lower incisors was extracted to make room for a new one that had already surfaced. He handled it like a pro, because he had a great dentist on hand."
-Jasma J. 3/11/2016

No tears, no more fears.

"My bashful 5 year-old visited Dr. Manso when her first tooth was loose. She was pretty nervous about losing it. Dr. Manso easily put my daughter at ease with a mixture of age-appropriate jokes and her skilled hands. She even performed a sweet "ceremony" by presenting my daughter with a tooth necklace that she stored her tooth in and proudly wore around her neck. It was a great first experience for me and my daughter-no tears, no more fears. Thanks, Dr. Manso!"
-Serenity C. 3/10/2016

Dr. Manso has an impeccable way of managing children's fears.

"Dr. Manso has an impeccable way of managing children’s fears! My son was apprehensive, naturally, about visiting a new dentist. He needed a double extraction and we just knew it was going to be quite challenging! Once he saw the Nitrous Oxide nose mask, he began to panic; however, Dr. Manso portrayed it as a Superhero’s mask—hence, allowing my son to feel invincible. Our experience was an AMAZING one! I implore you to definitely visit Dr. Manso for your pediatric dental needs. She is calm, tactful, pleasant and will not disappoint."
-Elizabeth R. 3/9/2016